Diversity =Competitive Advantage

Diversity @ Work in London provides training and consulting in diversity management. We help businesses captitalize on the benefits of human diversity by showing them how to they can enhance their human resources recruitment and sales strategies to increase their bottom line and improve productivity in the workplace. We offer a number of services including diversity audits, elocution classes for English as a Second Language Speakers, ethnic marketing, and training seminars. Our free, quarterly newsletter, Diversity Works! is offered to subscribers who wish to learn more about how to effectively implement diversity in the workplace.

Postal Address:  142 Clarke Road P.O. Box 35008
London, ON
N5W 5Z6
Website:   Visit our Website
E-mail:   Contact Us
Phone:   519-659-4777
Fax:   519-659-3282
Category:  Consultant - Business Strategies
Consultant - Marketing


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